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OtsegoHigh School

ACT/SAT Preparation

As students approach the middle of their Junior Year in high school, they need to begin scheduling dates to take their college entrance exams. Most 4 year colleges and universities require that students take either the ACT of SAT for admission. 

While the ACT is the most common test required by colleges in our region of the country, there are some schools that require the SAT. It is best to check with your college of interest to see their admission requirements prior to making a decision.  Below are links to help prepare students for these tests.  If you would like more information, and a quick quiz to help you decide which test is the best for you, here is a quick quiz you can take: Princeton Review ACT vs SAT Quiz.
Remember, always check the colleges you are considering to see which test they prefer to make sure you are providing them with the scores they require.