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OtsegoHigh School

Athletic Information


Justin Slauterback
Otsego High School Athletic Director


The Otsego Local School District is interested in the development of young men and women through athletics.  We feel that a properly controlled, well-organized sports program meets students’ needs for self-expression, mental, and physical growth.  It is our hope to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and that will further each student’s educational maturity.


Being a member of the Otsego athletic family, our expectations are similar to those in your own family. We would like for you to act responsibly as you represent our school district. Please remember that you are an ambassador for everyone who attends our school and your actions not only reflect on you but your parents and our Otsego community as well. As a student athlete, you have both academic and athletic responsibilities. The expectations are for you to study, attend class, practice hard and do your best to excel in the classroom and your respective sport. Take pride in representing all of us in a positive manner.


The Otsego Athletic Department’s philosophy is that all student athletes have the ability to achieve success on the field and in the classroom. To that end, an Otsego athlete should make it a priority to pursue personal growth through team experiences, academic course work and as an ambassador of our school district. We expect all of our student / athletes to maintain a sense of personal responsibility, positive attitude, work ethic and self-control. Our department and dedicated coaches strive to maintain an outstanding athletic program which conducts itself with professionalism and a positive example of good sportsmanship. Our primary focus is the education of our student-athletes. We hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity to get involved with helping shape and mold the climate and culture of our building, by becoming involved in your school’s athletic programs.


It is the role of the Athletic Department to make rules governing interscholastic competition.  These rules need broad based community support to be fully effective.  This is achieved only through communication between the Athletic Department and the parent (s)/guardian(s)/custodian(s) of our athletes.  It is our hope to accomplish this objective through this athletic handbook for students, parents and coaches.