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What is eSports?

eSports is a competitive field of gaming. Just like physical sports, eSport teams compete against an opposition, in a battle of skill, speed, strength, strategy and/or tactics. This is done both at a competitive and casual levels. eSports is recently becoming recognized as an international sport and there are now hundreds of High School eSports leagues across the country that we have the opportunity to compete with.

Benefits of Gaming at School

Gaming can be a way to socialize as well as a way to teach students team-building and leadership skills. Students can learn to work together through fun, interactive ways. Studies have shown a significant relation between gaming experience and response time on the location memory task. Studies have also shown that individual differences in gaming experience are correlated with the speed of recalling spatial information from long term memory.

Club Requirements

This club is not an excuse to play video games at school. The goal of the club is to create a cooperative team out of a hobby. All games played by the eSports club must be approved by our supervisor(s), and participants must have parents’ approval to play games.
This club should also not affect a student’s academic life. Any student that falls behind academically will be required to raise their grades before they are allowed to continue participating in the club.