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OtsegoHigh School

Extra Curriculars

Please visit our Athletics Page to find out more about Pay to Participate Fees, Sports Passes, Schedules, etc.

Book & Media Club: Pam Heyman  [email protected]

Equestrian Club

eSports Club: Luke Swartz  [email protected]

(Family Consumer Career and Community Leaders of America) FCCLA: Jessica Vollmar   [email protected]

DECA Business Club:  Ashley Tatham   [email protected]

Swing Choir/Musical:  Kelly Frailly   [email protected]

Jazz Band/Pep Band:  Rich Dubler   [email protected]

FFA: Debbie Belleville   [email protected]

National Honor Society: Julie Danko  [email protected]

Student Council: Annie Miesle    [email protected]

Knights RISE:   Jessica Weatherwax  [email protected]

Yearbook: Deb Bowers    [email protected]

Trapshooting Club:  Todd Wilson

Bowling Club:  Rich Dubler   [email protected]

Speech and Debate:  Stevan Jechura  [email protected]

Indoor Track and Field:  Vince Falk and Chad McClory

Robotics Club:  Joe Gerwin  [email protected]