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Music Boosters

Held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 the band room. Occasionally meeting dates are rescheduled due to other school activities. Please watch the newsletters for any potential updates. 

Please check the High School's Music Event Calendar for up-to-date dates and times of music-related functions.

Contact Us
Music Boosters can be reached via Music Booster Email ( or by directly emailing an officer below.

Officers for 2015-2016
President Tara McHenry
Vice President Open for nomination  
Secretary Tricia Wallace 
Treasurer Beth Vollmar
Public Relations Open for nomination  

Our Purpose

Otsego Music Boosters exist to support our Music Directors and the musical experiences of our students.  To acquire the money needed for these necessary items, we have fund raisers and activities throughout the year.   We work diligently throughout the year raising funds for auditorium upgrades, student awards, vocal and instrumental music, rental of specialty instruments, grants to students for special music related activities, as well as new band and choir uniforms.  We appreciate everyone’s interest and participation.  All are welcome!


Each year the Otsego Music Boosters awards major scholarship ($750 each) to a maximum of four senior music students to assist with their college education.

Volunteers are always needed
Involvement includes, (but not limited to): making phone calls, chaperoning, helping with the Band Truck (loading/unloading), hemming and altering band uniforms, helping with costumes for the musical, working concessions for all home basketball games, cookie dough fund raiser, various jobs during the spring musical, and our Spring Chicken BBQ Concert.

Kroger Community Rewards Program

Our organization is Otsego Local Schools and the number is 81115.  We earn a percentage of the profits from our regular grocery shopping.   On average we earn about $6,000 a year, please link your Kroger card with Otsego Local School Community Rewards program.  Direction listed below.

Directions from the Otsego Music Boosters
Click on Sign In/Register from or appropriate banner site.
If you already have an Online Account, simply enter your information and click "Sign In". If you don't have an online Account, click "Sign up Today!" If you've forgotten your password, just click on "Forgot your Password!"
You should arrive on the My Account page. Insure that your Kroger plus Card Information and Contact Information are complete and correct. Then scroll to the bottom of this page.
The 4th box down in the center column is Community Rewards Information. Select "Edit Community Rewards Program Information".
As long as your Card and Contact Information are already complete, you will be taken to the Find Your Organization page. Enter the NPO number: 81115 & click "Search".
The results of the search will be displayed in the Select your Organization section. It will show up as Otsego Local Schools.
Simply select the button next to the correct organization from the list and click "Save Changes".
You will be taken back to the My Account page. The Community Rewards information will now be populated.