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OtsegoHigh School

HS Office closed for summer (Read below for information

The High School Office will be closed for Summer Break from Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 and will re-open Monday, August 1st , 2022.  Links are below:

Work Permits will be handled by Lisa Austin in the Central Office: 419-823-4381 ext. 1100 or email at [email protected] Work Permit Forms (Link is below) are in the Student's Google Drive "Student Forms" Folder.
*Regarding transcripts*:  Submitted record/transcript requests will be 
processed on a weekly basis. Over the phone and voicemail requests will NOT be processed. Please go to below link below to submit a request. 
The quickest method for sending official transcripts is by email. Please 
provide the institution's email for immediate processing. 
*Regarding admissions/withdrawals*: New students to the district can enroll 
in Final Forms.
If the student is re-enrolling, please email [email protected] first so I can adjust a setting in Final Forms.
Once Final Forms is completed and every form is green checked. Please have 
ready: Proof of Residency,  birth certificate, immunizations, and any court 
papers if applicable.   
I will have new students sign off on their forms once school starts.  If 
they are an athlete, they MUST, however, sign off on these Final Forms.  
You can visit the HIGH SCHOOL WEBPAGE for more details as well.
Transcript form:  
This is ONLY for High School Graduates.
Record Request 
This is ONLY for school offices requesting records for CURRENT High School 
students enrolling into their school and withdrawing from Otsego.